Taxpayers, Social, Welfare & Obama’s Campaign

Folks, the Change, needed for hard-working Taxpayers, that have a job at present, ‘ain’t gonna happen’ unless you let the politicians know you’re fed up with what they’ve done to destroy America and America’s future!’ Obama’s ‘deceit and hype’, his bigger and greedy administration, will, unfortunately, finish bankrupting America! Taxpayers, of all races, just thought they were fed up with the Bush Administration! They’re totally fed up with the Obama administration! Have people been fools or what? Obama’s well-written speeches made some of his voters believe he was the only real man to be President, but, after only a couple months on job, Taxpayers know better as he should have decided the Number #1 priority should be, cutting politicians salaries and retirements to $12,000.00 a year, for their less than one month of public service. ‘Fair Tax’, to include property taxes, should have been another top priority to cut spending. Wouldn’t this have been the right thing for him to do, instead of talking about all the things he’s going to do, thus, costing trillions more!"

Obama promised to redistribute wealth! In other words, raising taxes on highest income earners who are private business owners! By allowing this to happen would mean ‘no more jobs!’ Raising taxes, increasing government spending, allowing more power to his administration, and the creation of more massive government bureaucracies, during these depressed times, will accomplish the socialist’s goal! Guess what, folks, these socialist and radical changes will come back to haunt America for generations.Your children and grandchildren don’t stand a chance!

It was one thing for Obama to campaign for almost two years, spending millions of dollars that’s needed for America’s debt and the homeless, rather than him trying to prove he’s ‘the man’! Do you think Taxpayers money, coming from social and welfare programs, should have been used for Obamas’ campaign? Do you still think Obama is working for America’s best interest?

For several decades, Taxpayers know politicians, of all races, are somewhat responsible as they should have stopped the ‘tax and spend’ politicians, long ago, and put an end to ‘social and welfare programs’, ‘non-profit organizations’, ‘handouts’, ‘bailouts’, committees, sub-committees, this board and that board, and any other organization that take any amount of Taxpayers’ money. Let’s take a look at how some of these socialist and radical programs took place.

1977 – Community Reinvestment Act. Remember the Carter admininstration. Along came the Clintons. At that time, the Democratic Congress intimidated banks and other financial institutes into making sub-prime loans to high-risk buyers. Therefore, Mr. Obama, you can stop telling Americans that ‘you inherited the trillion dollar deficit from Mr. Bush’, as people who actually work and pay taxes, know you’re lying. The ones who live off social and welfare programs shouldn’t have been pushed into thinking they could have the American dream without working for it and frankly, couldn’t care less as long as the illegitimates keep coming along with the monthly checks they’re not entitled to!

2000-2008 -Taxpayers remember when Barney Frank, Meeks, Waters, Dodd (just to name a few) vouched for Freddie and Fannie stating "We don’t have a crisis and there’s nothing wrong!" Taxpayers knew better. Even the homeless person on the street knew better! What does this tell you?

Obama, Geithner, Frank, Waters, Dodd, Reid, Clinton, Pelosi, Kennedys, Raines, Howard, and Johnson, (just to name a few) ‘vouch for each other, lie and are still collecting a salary they’re not entitled to!’ Raines, Howard, and Johnson, you know, part of the Fannie/Freddie groups, who walked away with 20-90 million dollar parachutes! Taxpayers wonder how many millions politicians received?

By the way, don’t politicians have some nerve saying that ‘stronger government regulatory power is essential and broader powers are needed by them?’ This may be shocking to you, but you’re absolutely not entitled to what power you have now and Taxpayers would be fools to let you finish bankrupting America after what some of you have done to this country!

2009 – Politicians are now pushing infrastructures stating "America’s Highways, bridges, water, sewer plants need money, manpower and a new vision!" A few politicians have admitted these are temporary solutions. Until textile and manufacturing jobs, actually putting people back to work, are brought back to America, your ‘ideas of spending more money we don’t have’ isn’t needed! The people in these manufacturing jobs worked hard, paid taxes, bought houses, cars, furniture, and clothes, and kept the economy rolling.

From early 1970 until 2009, the automakers continued ‘making lots of cars’! Not good-made cars from America steel and components, but from plastic being sold to America for huge profits! Didn’t it occur to the ‘managers’ that since almost nothing put into this cars was made in America, that jobs would go ‘bye-bye’, as the people buying these cars were losing their jobs and stability because of Nafta and Cafta! Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out, now does it?

While I’m on a roll, it’s time for AIG, Freddie, Fannie, several banks and investments firms, GM, Chrysler, and others taking Taxpayers money, to file bankruptcy, immediately, as they all need to learn how to run a business, keep up with the times, and stop the politicians and their buddies from taking control of Americans and their businesses!

Just think Obama is now stating ‘maybe, his new spending of almost another four trillions will be partially paid off by 2012!’ With What? Oh, I almost forgot, 2012 is election year!


Source by Shirley deLong

Author: admin