The Advantages of Living in Texas


There are many advantages to living in Texas.  The job market, housing market, beautiful wildlife, affordable living, numerous educational opportunities, and a diversity in cultures are just a few reasons why living in Texas can be great.

People from all walks of like, from the east coast to the west coast, have been flocking to Texas a lot lately.  Why?  For one reason, the state has an overall stable economy.  Jobs are abundant in Texas, as retail stores, restaurants, shopping centers, and all types of business are popping up all across the state.  The oil industry in Texas is also booming, so there are more great jobs created everyday.  The unemployment rate is rather low in Texas, as there are more jobs there for anyone than anywhere else.

Not only are there jobs for everyone, but the cost of living is decent as well.  It’s not uncommon to find a large, beautiful, newly built home for $100,000 – $200,000—the type of home that would cost a million in places like California.  In fact, there are new affordable homes being built all the time in Texas.  The more people that are flocking to Texas, the more the need for homes and apartments.  This also creates jobs for construction workers and architects.

There are plenty of schools in Texas, including a large number of Universities.  This gives everyone a chance to further their education.  The large job market and the affordable living costs means that people can have more money for education, whether for themselves or for their children. 

The Lone Star state is also famous for its many rodeos, ranches, and other outdoor activities. Obviously, there is plenty of entertainment in Texas.  This also means job creation as well—for those adventurous types.  There are plenty advantages of living, working, and attending school in Texas.


Source by Debbie Hesteden

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