The best way to Post Job Vacancies


With so many places to post job vacancies and so many ways of doing it, it can be difficult to know the best way to proceed. Whether you are a professional recruiter or are just a person who has been asked to hire someone for a role by your boss, you are going to want to do the best job possible. This means you are going to want to advertise your job in the most suitable places, you are going to want to post the right information and you are going to want to receive a good number of applications from suitable, qualified people. This article will help you to do this. If you spend just five minutes reading this article you will find out where the best places to post the job are and what should be included in the posting.

To start with you want to get as much information as possible about the role. If you are a professional recruiter you should contact your client to confirm the important details. If you are hiring as a one off for your company then you will need to glean all the information from your boss or appropriate work colleague. Once you have gathered all the facts about the job such as location, salary, qualifications needed, experience required and what the role involves you need to condense this into a readable and concise job posting. Candidates are likely to be looking through hundreds or thousands of postings each week and that means that yours needs to be to the point, factual and highlights all the benefits. If you want to attract the best candidates then your posting needs to stand out from the crowd.

Start with a punchy first line that provides an excellent benefit of the role, then go on to explain what the job entails. At the end of the posting you should mention the qualifications and skills that are required from candidates. You want to be clear on skills, experience and qualifications needed because otherwise you could receive applications from people who are unsuitable for the role which wastes their time as well as yours.

If you have decided to advertise the job in a local paper then the chances are you will not have much room to provide this information. If you are paying by the word too then this could limit what you include in the advertisement. If the vacancy is in a small town then adverts in the local paper are a good idea. If the position is in a company in London or some other large city then it is usually best to avoid adverts in the paper as they don’t work as effectively as adverts on job boards.

In large towns and cities, most job seekers use online job boards as a way to not only have access to thousands of jobs but also to apply for them quickly and easily without having to fill out an application form each time. There is usually plenty of room for posting all the details of the job when you are using a free or paid job board which means there is plenty of opportunity to get creative and make your vacancy stand out from the crowd. Many excellent job boards allow advertising for free so you can save considerable sums of money posting your job. This is particularly worthwhile when you are a professional recruiter or have several postings needed at once. If you want to attract the very best then you should find a job board with good levels of traffic which allows you to pay for a featured listing. This lets job seekers know the position is particularly good and only the most serious need apply.

The best way to post job vacanices is to make your position stand out from the crowd. You should advertise jobs for free on appropriate job boards and free job posting sites to have the best chance of recruiting the perfect individual.


Source by Kathryn Dawson

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