The Recruiters Toolkit to Minimize Your Cost per Hire

Since the inception of the first online job board, back in the early ‘90s, technology has come a long way.

In today’s recruitment zone, millions of job searchers reach for the job boards as their first port of call to find a new job, change career, and sometimes just for careers advice.

Due to the competitive nature of the job advertising industry, millions is spent maintaining the biggest of job sites around, and to continue that, those candidates looking for employment are given an array of tools to assist them in their job hunt.

Part of that toolbox is the ability to converse in a community of other opportunity seekers. That’s done via forum communities, and more recently with the ascent of social media rising to claim its share in the recruitment boom.

Take Facebook in August 2013, with their launch of graph search, in a bid to tap into the online recruitment industry. It’s where the talent is, the employers are, and the jobs are the only thing that needs exposure on all platforms combined.

For recruitment agencies, and corporate recruiters, the boom in the job board advertising can run a high budget to your advertising campaign, if you don’t navigate the circle efficiently.

To use job boards, bringing the most suitable candidates to your positions, you need the ads constructed and broadcast to the most suitable of job boards, and not just any.

The industry is booming and you can find some services that utilise every career known to man. Others though are taking a smarter approach and going niche. Niche job boards are different from the likes of

  • Indeed
  • Reed
  • TotalJobs

Those are mainstream advertisers with both skilled and unskilled workers available for hire.

Other niche boards for specialist jobs are places such as:

  • EngineerBoard
  • CityJobs
  • CareersinLogistics

With the vast of amount of areas to post job vacancies too, it’s going to bring with it an expensive overhead to continue running those ads.

The best way to ensure you recruitment firms retain the maximum R.O.I possible is to capture the leads of all applications generated from your job listing.

The way to do that is to use intelligent software to ensure your listings are always generating new leads, and building your own pool of talent to tap whenever you need to.

It’s the ultimate way to ensure you can lower your advertising expenditure, while minimizing your cost per hire.

The best way to do this is to use the following three recruitment tools

1)      Multiple Job Ad Posting software – posts to all the most relevant job boards specific to your vacancy

2)      Applicant Tracking Software – Preferably one that will monitor every aspect of your recruitment drive

3)      CV Database – Every application, whether successful or not, needs to be retained by the recruitment firm. An applicant not suitable for a current position, may be perfect for another. Retain the leads!


Source by Robert B Bowman

Author: admin