Top Cities To Work As A Traveling Nurse


They may want a mild winter in the south, but want to work in the north during the summer. Some people just take whatever job they feel best suites their desire at the time. Here is a list of cities that are spread throughout the country, that may offer the aspiring traveling nurse some starting points to think about.

New York City
The Big Apple is a desired location for many of the younger nurses wanting to live in the “City that never sleeps.” Some of the best hospitals are located in New York. Since your accommodations are normally provided for you by the agency, you can experience the legendary city without having to worry about renting apartments, transportation, and other issues that most workers have to deal with. Imagine being able to work with top doctors at Mount Sinai. Catch a Broadway performance on your off day, stroll through Central Park, or just take in some sights. For many young nurses, New York City assignments can give them a taste of big city life. For the history, the location, the hospitals, and the overall diversity of the city, New York ranks very high on the list of desirable cities.

Dallas Texas, the fusion of big city and country lifestyles. Take off-day excursions to Mexico, or enjoy the experiences of Texas. Perfect for those that like mild winters, great BBQ, and southern manners. Enjoy some of the finest that classical western life can offer, while working at wells renown hospitals like Dallas Regional Medical Center. Visit the Gulf, enjoy your experiences, and help those that need your services. Dallas has a growing population with more and more demand being placed on the medical field. Explore your opportunities in Dallas.

Los Angeles
The City of Angels is the place where the rich, famous, and powerful live. Enjoy the beaches, the nightlife, the cultural experiences that are available to you, in this booming metropolis. UCLA Healthcare and The Good Samaritan Hospital are wonderful additions to your experience and to your resume. Working is not everything, so when you are not at work, you can take in world famous sites, like the Chinese Theater, Six Flags, Magic Mountain, and more attractions than most people ever realize. There is always something new to do when you are not working.

Further south, you will find sunny Florida, and Tampa hospitals waiting for you. If you do not like the cold winters of the north, then Tampa may be just the place for you to consider for your next assignment. Tampa is located close to just about everything that Florida has to offer. Amusement parks such as Disney, Busch Gardens, Sea World provide you with many exciting things to do. You could just relax and take a stroll the white sand beaches of nearby St. Petersburg beaches. Nightlife in Ybor city offers a little bit for every taste. Best of all are the hospitals. World famous Tampa General provides groundbreaking cardio care. The Moffitt Cancer Center, based on the USF campus, is the nation’s leader in battling cancer. These two hospitals are well worth the experience.

No matter where you choose to go, it is important to put a great deal of thought into your assignment. You should always choose a location that you want to be. You should also consider the experiences that you can gain at the various hospitals as well. Never forget about your off days, you will want something to keep you entertained when you are not working. These cities provide the best of both worlds, work and play. It is up to you to decide what to experience first.


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