What You Need to Apply for Flight Attendant Openings


When you are looking for a job as a flight attendant, there are several places you can look to find flight attendant openings. Since the major employers in the air transportation business are airlines, you can check the websites of the airlines to see if they do have a need for flight attendants and are hiring. Some large corporations with private jets also have need for flight attendants from time to time and they may post the ads in magazines related to their business or to air travel. There are also job search sites on the Internet where you can find postings for flight attendant jobs. If you post your resume and cover letter to these sites, when an opening comes up you will get an email alerting you to the posting.

In order to determine whether or not you qualify for a flight attendant opening when it is posted, you do have to read the ad to find the qualifications that the employer is looking for in the applicants. The minimum level of education required by all airlines is a high school diploma, but this is just the minimum. Most of the flight attendants that are hired today have a college or university degree. Even though this education does not give you the training you need to work as a flight attendant, it shows the employer that you are willing to work hard in school to better yourself.

One of the major qualifications that you will need to be successful in obtaining a position as a flight attendant is exceptional customer service skills. You don’t necessarily need to have experience in this area because it will come with practice once you start the training for the job. However, if you do have experience and have a good reference to attest to this, you have a better chance of getting the job. Many people don’t even realize that they do have this experience and never put it on their resume because they think they should only list the skills that are related to other aspects of air travel. If you worked in any area in which you dealt with the public, you should list this on your resume as customer service.

Fluency in more than one language is one of the qualifications that will really make your application for the job stand out. Airlines fly all over the world and deal with customers that speak many different languages.  Fluency in English is a requirement and unless you are fluent in English you will not get a job as a flight attendant in any English speaking country.

You do need to have a passport because of the different countries you will be flying into. You must also be neat in appearance, with no tattoos, visible body piercings or wear offensive jewellery. You must also be willing to relocate in some cases when you apply for one of the openings for flight attendants and of course, you must be willing to work shifts that will require you to be away from home for short periods of time.


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