Why can't I start my own Nonprofit Organization? Do I need a Degree? Can I get a grant? What do I do?


You want to know if you are eligible to start a nonprofit organization.  You want to know if you can make a difference while making a living.   You want to know if you can start your own nonprofit organization.    Why is it important to you?  Do you care of is this a phase?  Do you just want a grant?

 Let me begin by telling you that as long as there no ethical or legal issue that restrict your services; you should be eligible.   You asked about a Degree being required to start a nonprofit organization.  A Degree is not required to start a nonprofit.  A Degree or other credentials may be required based on the services you plan to offer.  You can start a nonprofit in your home.  You do not need a physical structure to get started.  You can operate your program in donated spaces; i.e. churches, community centers, basketball court, and under a shade tree.  The list of locations you can use to coordinate your services goes on and on. 

To begin; you need an idea.  It needs to make a difference.  It needs to be measurable.  It needs to be needed.  It is not beneficial to duplicate services.  More than one person can target the same group; but there has to be a difference in services. There is so much available information pertaining to nonprofits.  All nonprofits are not tax exempt; 501(c)3.  Some new nonprofits umbrella or collaborate with the organizations who receive all the grant dollars.  This can benefit your purpose.  This relationship can also hinder your growth as a stand alone.  It is good to get a piece of the pie; but the whole can do more.

You will need a Board of Directors.  Roberts Rules of Orders sets the precedence for bylaws. Accountability is critical when you receive funding through any means.  There is no such thing as free money or free grants.  Whatever you are awarded is because you committed to accomplishing something; and you need to follow through.

There is so much information on this subject.  Visit your Nonprofit Resource Center. You can locate yours through the Foundation Center online. 

I speak from experience.  What I tell you is based on my experiences; my trials and tribulations that I endured for a positive outcome.  I have assisted individuals from all walks of life through the required steps to become a nonprofit organization.  I pride myself on being innovative and creative.  I have been instrumental in writing and assisting with  government grant proposals that have exceeded a millions in grant awards.  I have been successful in some foundation grants.   I have identified voids and gaps in programs and services to justify responding to RFPs.  I have written the positions and their job descriptions.  I have prepared Background and Need.  I have prepared the Methodology.  I have prepared the Evaluative Measures; process, impact, and outcome.  I have designed the forms to be used in programs and services.  You must do your research and acquire the right information your proposal must be competitive.

 Good luck to you!


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