Work At Home Typing Jobs – How To Snag One


Home typing is a great way to work from home, and earn decent money. Many home typists consider it to be one of the most straightforward and actually enjoyable home based careers.

As a home typist, you should have basic computer and typing skills. There are opportunities available for those who are looking to work both part time and full time, although it’s often easier to find jobs that start you out part time.

The hardest part of being a home typist is finding the home typing jobs in the first place. This article will start you off with some tips to aid you in your search for the perfect home typing job.

Home Typing Job Tip #1
Browse the top classifieds sites daily for new home typing job opportunities. often has listings for those hard to find work at home jobs. Another little known resource is which is very similar to Craigslist. If your search turns up nothing, don’t be discouraged – search again tomorrow, you never know when the perfect job offer will turn up.

Home Typing Job Tip #2
Have your resume ready. A resume won’t always be necessary but it is good to have for the times that you do need it. Also, make sure that you have it digitally as this is most likely how you will be sending it to prospective employers.

Home Typing Job Tip #3
Test and know your typing speed. There are many self tests online that you can take to determine your typing speed. Remember, efficiency is only part of it – you must be accurate as well.

Home Typing Job Tip #4
Webmasters are frequently in need of home typists to assist in content publishing. Try looking for home typing jobs at webmaster job boards such as, and Additionally, webmaster forums may seem like an unlikely place to find home typing jobs, but they are great resources too.

Home Typing Job Tip #5
Never give up. This may sound funny, but it can take quite awhile to find the perfect home typing job. Stay diligent and research frequently. Soon enough, you will find the perfect match.

As you can tell, with patience and diligence, you can find that perfect job and work from home as a home typist.


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