Workers' Responsibilities And Workers' Compensation In Dallas


One of the major cities in Texas is Dallas. It has a large number of workers considering that it has a lot of big industries. Workers rights are therefore protected by the workers compensation system, especially those that are related to injuries that workers may suffer at the workplace. At the same time, the workers compensation system seeks to instill in workers their responsibilities whenever they suffer from any injuries. Workers are required to inform their employer the moment that they suffer from an injury at the workplace, or during certain times wherein they might not be present at the workplace yet what they are doing is still within the scope of their work. This means that even if the worker is doing field work, and not in the premises of the office or company building, but as long as what he is doing can be considered a part of his job, he must inform his employer immediately the moment he sustains injury. This does not only pertain to injuries but also to illnesses. Within 30 days, the worker must give the proper information to his employer. Not all employees are under the workers compensation system network. It is not safe to assume that being hired by a company automatically entitles you to become a member of the system. It is therefore a must, that you ask your employer whether you are a member of the workers compensation system. If not, you might try asking your previous employer or become a new member in order to avail of the benefits. Workers who get injured would be the one to relate to the doctor how the injuries happened. The workers compensation Dallas laws greatly emphasize on how the injury happened, and whether it was work related or not. The DWC-41 claim form must be filled out and submitted to the Workers Compensation Division so that they may look into the claim. It is the worker’s responsibility to be able to submit this form within a year after suffering from a work-related injury or illness. The workers comp Texas laws is very clear about this time limit. If claims are not filed within the required time, there is always that possibility of forfeiture. Workers compensation Dallas laws also need the complete information of the worker filing the claim. If ever there are changes to the information, they must be informed immediately. All these responsibilities must be complied with in order to receive the benefits.


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