Working in the Rail Industry

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Working in the railway industry is a great place to be. If you are able, to get a career in the railway industry, not only is it a position that is one with stability but the benefits are very good. Finding a position can take some time if you do not know where to look. This is a start to finding a great career in the Railway industry.

When looking for a job in the railway industry it is important to know what rail company’s are in your state. One place to find this information is on the Association of American Railroads web site. They have a resources page that will allow you find out what rail company’s are in your state.

When you are looking for the right career for you, you will need to think about what type of job you would like to apply. In the railway industry, there are three main classifications of jobs transportation, engineering and mechanical. Transportation jobs are ones that are responsible for moving freight across the system and point-to-point operations. Engineering jobs are responsible for the track and supporting facilities. Mechanical positions are responsible for making sure that the tracks and the major rail equipment are in peak condition.

Some positions in the rail industry are; Break man, Freight Train Conductor, Railroad Engineers, Railroad Signal Maintainer, Road master, Tie Gang Laborer, Train Dispatcher, Train Master, and Yard Master. There are many different rail companies out there and you can find them by doing a search on the internet for each of the company’s web sites. That is the best place to find out what positions they are currently filling. In addition to having the job listings they will also have a little bit of history on each one of their web sites. Some of them will list the benefits that you will receive when hired to work for each one. However, your first step needs to be finding out which company’s hire in your state.

There are few major rail company’s that own a majority of the railway system BNSF Railway, Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, CSX Transportation, Kansas City Southern, Norfolk Southern, and Union Pacific are the major ones. You can find information about the positions that they are hiring for on their web sites. You can go online to find the positions and qualifications.

Working in the rail industry is one of the most stabile positions that you can have. There are several specialist Job Sites and Job Boards available on the internet offering vacancies in the UK and around the world.

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