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Database Specialist

G6 Hospitality


This position is key to optimization of proprietary and 3rd party OTA data distribution in order to maximize occupancy throughout G6 Hospitality brand properties globally. The Database Specialist will be responsible for supporting the G6 Hospitality network of properties by maintaining data content in CRS/RSS, Lanyon and other various 3rd party OTA sites.

Functional responsibilities include but are not limited to maintaining quality assurance standards for content which competitively match measures across the market, assisting with the implementation of new property builds for properties coming into the G6 Hospitality network, operating efficiently to pursue and maintain floor plan change request on behalf of properties, implement new property openings in the CRS/RSS, load accurate fresh content into Lanyon for distribution, support the G6 Hospitality network of properties by applying requested changes to content in CRS/RSS, Lanyon, 3rd party OTA sites and other various points of contact. The Database Specialist serves as a critical point of support for properties by implementing all points of content on behalf of property managers, area managers and franchisees in attaining operational objectives. This position plays an active role in maintenance of quality assurance and implementation of new property builds toward meeting company specific sales and operational strategies and tactics, which facilitate the attainment of occupancy/room night and room revenue objectives. Position insures proprietary and 3rd party databases are maintained. This position overlaps multiple disciplines in Marketing, Sales, Pricing, Operations and Quality and provides key support to these disciplines regarding property performance, program implementation and Team Member/customer response.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Implements new property builds and openings in CRS/RSS, Lanyon, 3rd party OTA sites and other proprietary databases that distribute content on behalf of the property.
  • Generates, tracks updates progression on property builds and keeps all status up to date while responding to property, FOS’s and opening team’s request in a timely professional manner.
  • Is the administrator for property builds and maintains updates in the CRS/RSS (Central Reservation System) and Lanyon; this includes creating property profiles which feed content to our OTA partners and performs quality assurance checks for the delivery of data being distributed across the web and any other proprietary information.
  • Maintains minimum content score/production score by completing assigned task and requested updates within assigned time frame.
  • Provides support and direction in the delivery of content to 3rd party OTA and proprietary data to various distribution channels.
  • Reviews historical CRS/RSS data and provides proactive assistance and feedback to Property Managers, Area Managers, and Franchise Operations Directors on updates for fresh content which helps in reaching maximum occupancy and competitive placement within their market and segment.
  • Implements floor plan change request in HotelKey and CRS/RSS while obtaining the appropriate level of approvals and maintaining a tracking log.
  • Identifies quality assurance opportunities following receipt and review of floor plan changes that represents current inventory by responding to request and actively obtaining approvals in a timely manner.
  • Maintain and update property floor plan changes and maps in various applications such as HotelKey and where applicable.
  • Other roles and responsibilities as assigned by the Manager, Database Services.

Job Requirements:

  • Maintain attention and concentration for extended periods of time
  • Read and interpret documents and instructions from customers, vendors, and other Team Members
  • Communicate effectively with customers, vendors, and other Team Members
  • Multi-task and prioritize workload with the ability to communicate any adjustments to meet service levels.
  • Work within the appropriate level of independence
  • Function in a fast-paced environment
  • If applicable, ability to travel for meetings with customers, vendors, other Team Members, and/or other business necessities


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