Looking For Bloggers – New York, NY


TopBuzz is a content discovery platform operating in the US, UK, Canada & Australia. We specialize in content personalization and getting our over 36 million monthly active users access to the content they love the most. We have seen increasing interest from our user base in high-quality articles/blogs on our platform, so we’re seeking bloggers to post content through our app in return for earnings based on clicks.

We are only looking for bloggers with at least a thousand followers or more, and you must post at least 2-3 times a month.

If you sign up with us, you will maintain all copyright to content that you post and you can easily upload content that has previously been published on your blog via our RSS feed, so you won’t need to go very far out of your way to sync up with us. In addition to earning RPM based revenue (which will be outlined in your specific contract), we offer peak metrics on how well your stuff is doing a few days after you post it, and, most importantly, our app features a cutting-edge algorithm that recommends your content to our users based of their interests, guaranteeing a boost in your audience and followers.

Comedy and entertainment bloggers perform exceptionally well on our app, but we’ll consider bloggers from every category.

Job Type: Commission


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