Program Analyst – Arlington, VA


Program Analyst (BAST-19-0011-F)

Bowhead is seeking a Program Analyst to support the Board on Army Systems and Technologies (BAST ) Team in Arlington, VA. The Program Analyst is responsible for prototype development and employment of supporting materials including, but not limited to, media metrics, assessment data gathering, social media analytics, story board production and news reports.

Responsibilities to include:

  • Conduct communication research in support of BAST communication strategy and objectives.
  • Provide strategic and tactical-level communication program evaluation services to support the assessment of the effects achieved by internal and external BAST communication programs. This capability includes media analysis to support senior decision makers, communication planners, operational planners, media relations, community relations, social media efforts, key leader engagements, community outreach, and industry and academia engagements.
  • Conduct research of potential outreach events to include the creation of a recommended draft outreach plan. The draft plan shall include an analysis of resource requirements and a projections of program/event effectiveness.
  • Provide recommendations for integration and coordination methods; review/evaluate/assess process development; identify and recommend opportunities for improvement of Army communication; identify options, and recommend performance metrics that would help to monitor improvements; campaign or operational design in support of BAST priorities and associated communication requirements.
  • Provide Communication Research and Analysis capabilities and expertise to assist in the development and execution of strategies that deliberately and consistently measure the strategic effects of BAST communication efforts across the full spectrum of media and community outreach activities.
  • Develop strategic-level metrics and presentation packages.
  • Analyze information environment.
  • Advise and assist communication campaign program managers with developing metrics, collecting supporting data and analyzing collected data in support of efforts to measure AFC initiatives, actions, programs and campaigns. These metrics shall include all relevant multimodal media, including traditional, broadcast, wire services, and digital/social content.
  • Provide BAST with communication measurement expertise.
  • Provide analytical expertise for the purposes of understanding the character, nature and trends of open source traditional and social media communication.
  • Identify, collect and publish required on-demand/ad hoc, daily, weekly, and monthly reports based on open source traditional and social media reporting on the BAST primary and secondary audiences and subjects of interest. . Primary audiences include: industry, science, academia, congress, elected officials, think tanks and other stakeholders who make up the internal and external public with interest to AFC. Secondary audiences include those groups which may have influence on the primary audiences. The overall assessment will take into account those objectives identified in communication planning products and help determine if the objectives are being met, and if not, recommend new actions to be considered in updated Public Affairs planning products in order to “Tell the BAST Story” most
  • Provide outreach analysis, to include social and digital media, in support of BAST Outreach and Engagement (executive and broad-based).
  • Analyze and provide communication recommendation to include, but not limited to, collection/review and evaluation/assessment.
  • Develop, utilize, and assess appropriate metrics to determine the efficacy of BAST communication efforts and enable analysis of alternative options to deploy the command’s messages.
  • Assess mainstream media outlets as well as Army-owned and operated platforms, to include, but not limited to: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube channels and provide recommendations to optimize execution and performance.
  • Advise and assist BAST Communication Team in developing effective metric-based tracking of communication efforts and shall make recommendations for adjusting communication efforts based on assessment analysis.
  • Collect and analyze multimodal media including, but not limited to: daily newspapers, weekly newspapers, wire services, magazines, television, radio, email, blogs, websites, Rich Site Summary (RSS) feeds and social media. This media analysis shall include quantitative and qualitative, systematic and objective methods to determine form and content of text and broadcasts. Media analysis shall be auditable and follow replicable methods to allow for validation. Social media analysis shall include at a minimum tone, engagement, and demographic/geographic reach.
  • Interact with corporate-level staff and subject matter experts and advise and recommend communication strategies, identify likely project risks and develop solutions options as well as mitigation strategies.
  • Other duties and projects may be assigned by the Program Manager as OCPA and team priorities change.
  • Bowhead seeks to network with qualified individuals relative to a potential opportunity, which is contingent upon award and not currently funded. Please click the link at the bottom of this posting to apply for consideration. Incumbent employees are encouraged to respond.


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