R2B – The Asian Currency

This never happen twice!
This is a Brand New, Asian Based Coin and Pre-mined!
Meaning they have 188,888,888 of these R2B coins.
8 weeks ago, they were selling at $ .45 each. Now they
are selling for $ 21.40 each. When they hit $188 each,
they will go on the open market. Next month, they will
go on sale to Asia. Then, they will go Fast!

R2B - The Asian Currency 1

R2B – The Asian Currency

If you had bought Bitcoin for $1 000 Back in 2013, they would have been worth more than $3 million today. Some people did and it changed their lives, a nice place to live, a new car, nice holidays, but most of all; more time to spend with their loved ones.


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