Voice Communications and A/V Administrator job – Asset Inventories, Inc. – Jersey City, NJ

Voice Communication Administrator Responsibilities

Administer user definitions on Cisco Call Manager (version System version: VOIP phone system by working in concert with the Install and Back Office Support teams to process moves, adds, and changes on stations and equipment, keeps user records current, and provides connectivity for voice, data, video, cable TV, and security applications. The position assists with administration of Cisco Call Manager (System version: and Cisco Unity (voice messaging) (version: systems including voice extensions, subscriber mailboxes, reports, call forwarding/routing and end user device customization. Advises users regarding procedures and policies related to their telecommunication requests, has direct communication with telecommunication engineers, providers and supporting network teams. Support over 3500 Users in the following locations: New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Montreal, and Toronto.

Define New Joiners/Changes to existing profiles

  • Device Profile definitions
  • Custom feature definitions
  • Extension mobility definitions
  • User Profile/Directory association
  • Voice mail profile definitions
  • Softphones/IP Communicator
  • ATA (analog telephone adapters) Faxing

Troubleshoot end user complaints

  • Determine root cause of problem and provide corrective action
  • Effectively communicate with users to identify device issues.
  • Test user definitions by duplicating problem on test device
  • Use call history inquiries to identify recurring issues
  • Implement software correction, firmware updates
  • Work with Install team for hardware replacement/testing

Provide End User documentation and verbal instruction

  • MYIPPHONE- speed dials, call forwarding
  • Conferencing, Barging, and Voice mail

Process departures as directed by the HR department.

  • Weekly, Daily and Red Button departures.
  • Confirm User departures within POPS and Outlook.
  • Full removal of all associated User definitions within Cisco CM/Unity

Process requests/incidents/tasks

  • Effectively process, manage and prioritize daily requests
  • Service Now/Impulse Requests:
  • Provide effective written communication within the ticketing system and via e-mail as to the status/resolution of requests.
  • WISP (Corporate Real Estate) Requests:
  • Work in concert with CRES and the install team to assure that users are approved for the requested desk locations. Provide e-mail communication to end users, managers, and divisional coordinators as to the required CRES approvals.

Implement and rollback contingency plans for failed e-mail faxing.

Work with Disaster Recovery Teams during testing events.

  • Customize DR phones based upon the needs of the End User
  • Test/reset/confirm the extension mobility profiles of DR participants

Work in concert with the Etrali/IPC team to confirm and/or adjust Recording applications within Cisco CM.

AV Responsibilities

Digital Signage

  • End-to-end knowledge of the system required
  • Configure new players and integrate into existing system
  • Reconfigure existing players according to changing demands
  • Configure server according to changing demands
  • Creating content for and distributing content to players, including but not limited to:
  • Creating master content templates
  • Creating custom messages
  • Creating playlists
  • Creating and assigning player groups
  • Provide all levels of support for digital signage infrastructure

Video Conferencing


  • Add new video conferencing units to current architecture
  • Configure device templates
  • Maintain video conference directory, adding units and synchronizing with Paris’ directory regularly (done with CSV files)


  • Configure dialing rules and add new ones when necessary
  • Configure and troubleshoot SIP environment
  • Configure and troubleshoot H323 environment
  • Configure call routing for interoperability with Paris architecture

Tandberg Gateway

  • Same as VCS-C above (older tech)

Tandberg MCU

  • Configure and troubleshoot H320 (ISDN) environment

Must be fully competent in configuration and operation of Cisco and Polycom codecs

Provide all levels of support for video conferencing infrastructure

CUCM Basics

  • Add and configure new devices (IP phone or Telepresence)
  • Add and configure user application accounts
  • Configure call redirection
  • Configure TOSS lines
  • Configure speed dials for users
  • Configure (or at least read and understand) dialing rules and call routing

Cisco Unity Basics (voicemail)

  • Add and configure user accounts

Video Distribution Systems

Vision 2 server management

  • Manage recordings
  • Configure TV feeds
  • Configure set to boxes
  • Troubleshoot server when necessary

Amino set top box configuration and deployment


  • Website maintenance and modification if needed
  • Basically understand how to get a live video feed to appear on a web page

Encoder configuration

  • Understand encoding technologies and formats
  • Strong understanding of multicast and unicast streaming (what, why, and when to use)
  • Know your way around VLC or similar media players

Event Management

  • Liaise with clients to discuss their needs and weigh against the infrastructure’s capabilities ( while soft skills aren’t necessary, they make everyone’s life easier )
  • Be fully competent in the operation of all special event spaces (Town Hall, MMR, Boardroom, 8th Floor Café)
  • Moderate knowledge in sound engineering
  • Basic knowledge in video production

( Event management and video conferencing support will take up most of the day-to-day activities )

News Ticker

  • Configure RSS feeds to pull data from Reuters
  • Create and schedule custom messages to be displayed if requested
  • Understand the system’s architecture well enough to bring it up after power failure or if settings are lost

Click N Dial

Configure application

  • Good skills in reading and manipulating XML configuration files
  • Know how to localize settings from Paris files

Directory synchronization

  • Retrieve employee data from POPS team
  • Parse and format file according to needs from Paris team (moderate Excel ability and basic conditional logic required)

Provide L2 and L3 application support when necessary

General Skills

  • Strong networking (this is at the heart of all things VCS – don’t need a CCNA, but should know all the steps required for a signal to go from one networked device to another)
  • Moderate HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript
  • RSS basics
  • Crestron basics
  • Windows Server Management basics
  • SQL Server basics
  • Image Editing basics (knowing Photoshop a plus)
  • Liaise with vendors and service providers
  • Research viability of new hardware, request quotes, and enter purchases
  • Know how to use Google

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $75,000.00 to $78,000.00 /year

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