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Web Production Engineer

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Stage and publish new content.

  • Update and publish existing content.
  • Correct errors and fix content bugs.
  • Retire and redirect outdated content.
  • Ensure changes are signed off with stakeholders prior to going live.
  • Track and report on localization requests and timely closure of assigned tasks to be resolved in a timely manner, rack and repot on production and timely closure of assigned tasks.
  • Localization of content

    • Identify need for content localization.
    • Submit and coordinate localization process of content with loc team for localization and localized production.
    • Track and report on localization requests and timely closure of assigned tasks.
    • Collect new and updated content and submit to Localization Team for translation into languages supported on the Magazine site.
    • Maintain localized versions of content in supported locales so that all common content is updated in parallel and kept consistent across all supported locales.
    • Maintain additional localized content on request from local subsidiaries or the Magazine team.
    • Build, launch, and subsequently maintain any additional locales that may be added to the supported locales list.
    • Manage content planning process through ad hoc meetings and follow-up.
    • Support Magazine content migration off of the Farillon rendering stack to the current EPX rendering stack.

    Includes migration of content to Docs.microsoft.com

    • In collaboration with Migration Project Manager, plan and execute on migration of Magazine content to the DOCS channel
    • Provide timely updates on status of migration
    • Ensure stakeholders are notified of changes in coordination with project and production resources

    Contribute to and continue development of SMS page templates, CSS, and JavaScript

    • Work in Visual Studio to code views, models, styles and scripts for new page templates.
    • Develop test pages in tandem with template code to provide appropriate test content.
    • Send code for review and respond to review comments by engineering team.
    • Commit final code into build using Git.Troubleshoot template bugs on local templates and others as assigned from the engineering team.
    • Document process enhancements, technical changes. and best practices using internal Microsoft team sites

    Resolve content change requests, such as broken links, images and/or videos not rendering, etc.

    • Track and report on issue resolution in a timely manner
    • Ensure consistency in issue resolution approach in alignment with service KPIs

    Contribute to creation, enhancement, and maintenance of user experience:

    • Review and edit proposed content changes.
    • Collaborate with team members on design and layout of new pages and sections.
    • Build prototype user experience for new pages and sections.
    • Revise and rebuild site structure to meet changing UX needs.
    • Create and edit visual design elements, such as graphics, as needed.
    • Develop code for page-specific styles and visual effects.
    • Creatively solve content and UX problems reported by customers.

    The work requires familiarity with the following tools (some of which are customized for MSDN specifically):

    • Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)
    • Visual Studio Online (VSO)
    • Visual Studio client
    • Git and GitHub
    • Publish This! (PT!)
    • Systems Management Server (SMS)
    • Various RSS feed tools such as SXP
    • SharePoint and other tools as may be created for the work described above

    Authoring/Publishing Tools Support

    • Supplier will participate in user acceptance testing (UAT) prior to each sprint release of PT!
    • Supplier will participate in user acceptance testing (UAT) of SMS releases when requested.
      • Contribute to development of publishing platforms and tools:
      • Propose new features for the rendering system, PublishThis!, and SMS.
      • Identify and report rendering and tools problems to engineering.
      • Contribute to building of engineering fixes with construction of related pages and content.
      • Manage the implementation of rendering features in content.

    Documentation: Provide documentation as requested on customer self-help documentation and best practice information.

    Production Support Including Backfill (coverage) and Escalations

    On an as-needed basis when requested by the Content Publishing Production Support team:

    • Be available for high priority customer content and video requests either in addition to or filling in for the Production Support offshore team as outlined above.
    • Assist with the administration and maintenance of Intranet websites and SharePoint sites owned by Production Support.
    • Assist with content troubleshooting issues based on SME.
    • Provide documentation as requested on customer self-help documentation and best practice information.
    • Handle other project work as bandwidth allows to assist the Production Support Manager and Content Publishing team.

    Other Related Work

    • Build out basic XHTML content areas; cascading style sheets, SMS templates, and additional Web production tasks as assigned.
    • Troubleshooting content and rendering issues, including format, layout, CSS issues, feed issues, etc.
    • Maintain the Download and Code List pages in the Library.
    • Fix broken links, image, style and XHTML bugs as assigned.
    • Provide production assistance with archiving library documentation sets.

    All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.

    164 reviews

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